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Cataract Surgery
document Pediatric Cataract Surgery
Question Hi there, thank you for your site it is very informative. My 6-year old daughter was just diagnosed with a cataract in her left eye after a routine eye exam. We do not know if it is relatively recent or congenital since this was her first formal eye exam and we had no idea that she had...
14 Aug, 2017
document Risk of Glaucoma After Surgery
Question My grand daughter has a unilateral congenital cataract. She is nine years old, we started patching the normal eye at six months of age...her ophthalmologist at Seattle children's hospital recommended patching only and not surgery. In the past year the family has noticed significant...
14 Aug, 2017
document Visual Neurodevelopment
Question My wife and I have a daughter that may need surgery for a cataract. The retina is involved with some scarring. My daughter is 10 months. The question of whether she should the surgery NOW because of visual neurodevelopment. Can VEP be used to diagnose nerve compromise? This is...
27 Aug, 2017
document Peter's Anomaly
Question My 70 days old son is affected with peter's anomaly right from his birth. Is corneal transplant the only solution or it may cure by medicine. Please help us. Answer Peters anomaly is a very generic term for congenital corneal opacity. It Sounds from your post that it is...
27 Aug, 2017
document Cataracts need surgery?
Question My is three and a half month old have a small cataract in her left eye. Can you please tell me what's going to done with her eye this is my first time going threw this and I have three other kids that didn't have this problem can you please help me on more about it thank you. Answer ...
27 Aug, 2017
document Ectopia Lentis
Question Myself and my children have simple ectopia lentis. Non-marfans or anything else. Two of us have the sewn-in implant and are doing well. My question is that my 20 month old is scheduled for lensectomy, and I'm told the sewn-in implants are no longer suggested because of the chance of...
29 Aug, 2017
document Using Ketamine during examination
Question My wife seem to recall that the given reason for using Ketamine during exam under anesthesia for our 10 month old was to enable a more accurate interocular pressure reading and exam. We read on this site and have seen mention in studies that ketamine can actually raise interocular...
29 Aug, 2017
document Discomfort after surgery
Question My daughter was diagnosed with a congenital cataract at three days old and will have surgery in the next few weeks to remove it. I'm wondering about post-op pain or discomfort. Will there be any? What can we do to relieve it? Answer Pain is usually very minimal after...
29 Aug, 2017