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Glaucoma - General
document Risk of Glaucoma After Surgery
Question My grand daughter has a unilateral congenital cataract. She is nine years old, we started patching the normal eye at six months of age...her ophthalmologist at Seattle children's hospital recommended patching only and not surgery. In the past year the family has noticed significant...
14 Aug, 2017
document Baby Eyeglasses for Glaucoma
Question My baby has bilateral glaucoma. She's had surgery in both eyes. Her eye socket is also very shallow and her eyes protrude. She is extremely light sensitivenegatively impacting her life and the life of the family! We are looking for a pair of eye glasses to block out light as well as...
14 Aug, 2017
document Head Tilt
Question My 11 month old son was diagnosed with infant glaucoma when he was six months. Since then he has undergone 2 goniotomies in the right eye and one goniomoty in the left eye. His pressures in his right and left eye are 25 and 27, respectively. He is currently on cosopt and xalatan. I...
15 Aug, 2017
document Nails, Skin and Cornea
Question My son, now 20, was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma at the age of 4. His pressure has never been higher than 18 and has been stable since he was first diagnosed. He has had laser surgery a few times. His corneas have turned milky white and his sight has declined drastically due to...
27 Aug, 2017
document Elevated pressure a concern?
Question My 8 year old daughter just left the eye doctor and he said her pressures were slightly elevated to 22 & 24 and last year was also slightly elevated to 20 & 21. Do I need to be concerned? Answer The answer to your question is not a straightforward one, because...
29 Aug, 2017
document Aniridic eye & glaucoma
Question In an Aniridic eye, if the iris stump moves/shifts is it possible that this movement could block drainage of intraocular fluid? If yes, are there corrective surgeries to combat this issue? Answer Absolutely. This is one of the three main mechanisms of glaucoma in aniridia (the...
29 Aug, 2017
document Poking eye
Question My 5 1/2 year old Grandson was dx with Cataracts a week after birth. The cataracts were removed at 4 and 6 weeks. The left eye was almost immediate in developing glaucoma. He receives Cosopt in the am and Xalatan each h.s. He has always had a problem with poking the left eye, but this...
29 Aug, 2017